laeradhrTinc public keys for the laeradhr vpngkleen4 years
nixosDeclarative system configurationgkleen6 days
nixpkgsPackage specificationsgkleen
prosody_authA authentication module for prosody allowing access to whitelisted accounts via ...gkleen20 months
thermoprintA toolset for interacting with character oriented printersgkleen20 months
trivmixA trivial mixer for jackgkleen19 months
utilsVarious tiny utilitiesgkleen13 days
pub/sequence/2017-01-16_17:13:37[no description]gkleen4 years
barAn inventory management system for barsgkleen15 months
dirty-haskell.orgA Bloggkleen2 years
dotfilesPersonal configuration filesgkleen4 years
eventsA text based appointment bookgkleen3 years
feedsAn overly complicated feedreadergkleen4 years
gausshsToy RPN calculator doing gaussian propagation of uncertainty along the waygkleen4 years
incremental-dfsts[no description]gkleen6 months
lullabyA daemon attaching executable hooks to systemds inhibitor APIgkleen3 years
postdelay[no description]gkleen3 years
sysprak.exc[no description]gkleen3 years
thermoprint-configConfiguration for the instance of thermoprint running on bragigkleen4 years
trivstream[no description]gkleen3 years
uniHomeworkgkleen2 years
RCade[no description]rleike4 years
SpaceCannon[no description]rleike4 years